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Discovering God

This means so much to me.

"This means so much to me."

A struggling young couple just started working, but they had a problem - their shifts overlapped. They asked if I could watch their 2 small children for a few hours. I said sure. 
When the father came to pick them up after his shift, I was grateful for the time I had to talk to him.

He said, "This means really means so much to me.  My own mother will not watch the children. It makes me doubt Allah" 
I said, "No, don't doubt God, God is good no matter what our circumstance is. I read in the Bible this week, "Cast your cares on God, because He cares for you."  I encouraged him, "Jesus is alive, He heals...." 
Then A said, "..and raises the dead."
Me: "Yes, he hears us. You can pray to him, he will answer."
Impacting Lives