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Discovering God

Persecuted but not abandoned

From our facebook social media page, God connected our team to a secret believer who speaks Maay, Somali, and Arabic. He and his family were arrested for sharing the Word, and baptizing new believers. Kabi was then invited to teach the new believers' fellowship, until recently when this family was arrested.

During the trial, the court brought in (M) Muslim scholars to try to challenge and persuade our (P) persecuted believer to return to Islam. Here is their dialogue:

M said "If you go back to Islam we'll give you the house, car, job, and more money."
P said, "Can you give me the eternal life? Do you promise for yourself you will go to heaven?"  M said, "No." 
P says, "We have promises 100% we will go immediately.
M says, "Do you believe in 2 gods?
P:  "I believe in one God." 
M : "Who is Jesus?" 
Prepeats the question to them, "Who is Jesus in the Quran?"
M replies:  "He is the Word of God born of Mary." 
P:  "You and your words are one or two? 
M answers :  "We are our words are one.
P explains, "So like that God and His Word are One." 
After that they were silenced, amazed, speechless and left the room.

Impacting Lives