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Discovering God

Even if they don't believe, keep on telling them!

We’ve been sharing the Bible and praying with Beth since 2014. Finally this year she has been more opened, and desires to read the Bible. She said, “I want to read the whole thing, from the beginning.” During Covid, she was sick, so we visited and prayed healing for her. After we left, she prayed to Jesus, asking for healing and was healed. The next time we visited her 5 year old son says, “Tell me a story about Jesus!” (He had overheard mom praying to Jesus.) Another time we visited we shared the story of Jesus fasting 40 days and nights from food and water, and was resisting the devil. She observed, “No man can do that!”. She continues listening to us and seeking after God. Pray for her that as she seeks after Allah, she will find Jesus Christ as her Savior! Recently she told us, “Even if people don’t agree, don’t stop telling them God’s message!”
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