"Love the Lord your God ... and Love your neighbor as yourself."
Use your gifts and talents to share Jesus' love with the Muslims in our neighborhoods.
Join the local monthly prayer team. We meet on zoom the first Saturday of each month.
Prayer Walking
Come, pray and walk the Somali Bantu community. You can pray on site for people, praying with people that God will meet their needs, and be able to share with them Jesus' love for them to bring them to the Father.
Join a Shema Group
Do you want to share Jesus' love with your neighbors or coworkers but you don't know where or how to start? Join with a small group of others. Together we will pray, learn from God's Word, be encouraged, and learn from each other.
Tutoring and other skills.
We have a need for tutors to tutor adults, children, and teach driving skills such as parallel parking.
Mentor and Disciple young people. Whether it be hanging out with youth, playing games with them, teaching a job skill, fixing cars, sewing, or whatever skill you have, God has a place for you.

Learn their language
Connect with a speaker to learn their language and culture to build relationship and share the good news in their language.
Ways to Love and Share
To get more information on how to get involved, please email us at knewala@globalgates.info
Prayer walk and share
Invest love into a life
Share Jesus with them.

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