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Strategic Coordinators in the Global Gateway city of Columbus, OH
Kabi and Jayne Newala Family
Workers with Global Gates
We are Kabi and Jayne Newala — serving with Global Gates in Columbus, Ohio. Our passion is to share the life and teachings of Jesus with the unreached peoples living in our city, so that they will discover God and share the Hope, Love, and Peace found in Jesus with their families in their home countries.

We believe God so loved all Nations that He sent Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him will not be destroyed, but will share in His Life forever.

What is Global Gates & Our Role

Today, God has brought The Ends of the Earth to us. North America's megacities are now home to many unreached people groups from around the world. Through these unreached urban communities, God has opened a gateway that reaches to The Ends of the Earth.
Global Gates is Reaching the ends of the earth through global gateway cities.

Our role in Columbus, Ohio is to share the Life and teachings of Jesus with the Somali Bantu people and other peoples in our city, so that they will discover God and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their families in Somalia and other countries.

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