Begin a Shema Group
Shema: 'Hear o Israel, the Lord our God is One. Love the Lord your God with all you have. Talk about Him with everyone, everywhere!'
Gather with others who desire to share the Love and Message of Jesus with their neighbors. In this group we will pray for each other, pray for our neighbors, learn how to begin conversations, share our testimonies, and share Bible passages with our neighbors.
Shema Meetings
1. People of powerful prayer
Inroductions: Get to know one another. Why? Who? What do you want God to do for you?
2. Shema statements
Check in, how was the week? Learn some shema conversation starters. Pray for our neighbors.
3. Share My story
Listen to new believer's testimonies. How did they come to the Lord?
4. Share a message
Share a message that has helped you with your neighbor.
5. Discovery Bible Studies
Begin a DBS with your neighbor.
6. Train others
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